Creative ideas for kids

Looking for ways to entertain the kids? Teach them life skills by having some kitchen fun.

School Holidays are here again!

And to keep the kids entertained, having fun and inexpensive – here’s a bunch of creative ideas to not only keep your kids occupied, but also teaching them a thing or two in the kitchen such as life skills, healthy eating, hygiene, encouraging creativity, reading, fine motor and mathematical skills.

Beginners Sushi – Sushi is a super popular and simple meal for kids to make. It’s a great way for kids to get their daily veggies and a cheap option for a fun activity. Good news is there’s plenty of sushi kits available from your larger retail grocery stores, so keep an eye out and have on the ready for the holidays.

Pizza Dough – Everyone kneads pizza in their life! And making pizza is a great way for kids to be involved in the kitchen. Grab a basic pizza dough recipe or grab a pre-made dough from the supermarket. Along with fresh tomato paste (salt reduced option) and your favourite toppings and you’re set.

Our favourite pizza toppings are:
⭐️ Lean ham with grape tomatoes
⭐️ Capsicum and pineapple
⭐️ Roasted vegetables
⭐️ Kalamata olives with mushrooms and crumbled feta

Simply sprinkle with reduced fat cheese and you’re away! And we definitely recommend making several mini pizzas rather than one big one – so the kids can enjoy lots of fresh topping combinations!

Smoothies are delicious, simple, quick & super nutritious. Plus, a good wholesome smoothie will keep the kids going for hours! Check out our delicious Choco Banana Smoothie recipe – enjoy!

Muffins are a great way to get the kids engaged in the kitchen. Plus, they freeze well so pop in a freezer bag for a school holiday play date or back-to school-recess break. 

Pancakes – for breakfast or a snack! Our fav is the fluffy pancake mix from our friends at Australian Eggs, and for some extra fun, simply funnel the ingredients into a milk container or a large jar and shake away! Kids will love it!

And our last tip for fun in the kitchen is sandwich kebabs! A great idea for using your leftovers plus keeping lunchtime fun and healthy!

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