With people spending the majority of their day at work, optimising the workplace is an effective way to improve employee well being and job-satisfaction.

Live well work well: a healthy workforce means a healthy business.


Let us inspire healthy eating in your organisation by working with you to create a healthier community and productive environment through implementing organisational policies, education, and providing healthier foods and drinks in catering, vending machines and on site food outlets. Nutrition NSW also offers the Live Well Learn Well program tailored to the needs of tertiary education institutions.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of Health and Wellbeing services to workplaces and organisations, including the following

  • Presentations and seminars
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Health displays
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Menu, catering and vending machine assessments
  • Team building e.g. trivia and cooking groups
  • Access to the NSW Health gethealthy initiative
  • Tailored packages.

Every industry has its own unique nutritional issues. NNSW has personalised Corporate Program to cater to a multitude of companies from a variety of industries