Early Childhood & Outside School

Implementing healthy habits from a young age is key to setting up children for a life trajectory of optimal growth and reduced risk of developing chronic conditions later on in life.

Health-related behaviours have been described to track from early ages to childhood, and adolescence.


Nutrition NSW provides a variety of services to Early Learning Centre staff and parents including:

Our Services

  • Talks & Workshops
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Menu Quality Assessments
  • Food Safety Assessments
  • Nutrition and Food Handling Course
  • Tailored packages

The services Nutrition NSW provides are in line with the campaigns and programs provided under the NSW Government healthykids initiative, such as Munch & Move.

Reclaim the Lunchbox

Proudly supported by NSW Health, Reclaim the Lunchbox is a workshop designed to help parents get the lunchbox right from the first day.

Schools often tell us that parents try to make lunchboxes healthy for their child, but often get it wrong. One ideal opportunity to get all new parents together and clarify what is and what isn’t healthy is Kinder Orientation evening – to ensure lunchboxes are right from the very first day.

NNSW staff can visit your school and inspire your parents to provide healthy lunchboxes and support your school’s efforts in instilling healthy habits and optimal learning.

Mighty Bites: Keeping Primary School Kids Healthy

At Nutrition NSW, we are passionate about supporting a healthier future for children across NSW

The Mighty Bites program covers:

  • The Five Food Groups recommended number of serves for each food group per day
  • “Guess that food!” Activity
  • Design your own Healthy Eating Plate Activity
  • For Stage 3: Plan your own healthy meal and drink